18 months ago ManWinWin Software launched a WEB platform and an exclusive team 100% focused on technical and post-sale support.  Today, this initiative has become a collaborative tool with one goal: Customer Success. The platform has already dozens of registered clients from around the world and the Support team has helped in thousands of occasions since its launch. 

According to Lincoln Murphy’s, nº1 American author on Customer Success, “a company can focus on adoption, retention or expansion; or it can focus on the customer’s desired outcome and get all of those things.” Assuring an excellent customer experience is part of ManWinWin Software’s culture and it has been the company’s priority since day one.  So, 18 months ago, the company launched a special helpdesk dedicated to Support and Technical Assistance. In other words, a platform that would make sure all Support requests were easily submitted by the clients and then quickly attended by a ManWinWin team.This idea was very well received among clients, and, only after 6 months, just below half of ManWinWin clients had already registered.Today, 18 months after the launch, the 100% web platform has already grown into a 2-way communication platform, where not only Support and Technical issues are handled, but also where:

  1. Users can ask for technical help on how to face specific maintenance management chal-lenges with ManWinWin, and our team provides the know-how and experience, giving them good ideas and suggestions;
  2. Users send suggestions for software development, such as new features, ideas and im-provements;
  3. Users request to purchase 100% customized reports for specific requirements.

In ManWinWin’s point of view, this new communication channel has proved to enable major business advantages:

  • To gather important data on the clients’ main challenges in maintenance management and in ManWinWin’s features or usability;
  • To keep track of the trends of Customers’ preferences with CMMS features and usability;
  • To analyze all development suggestions sent by clients and, in most cases, develop them into the standard software – which are then made available in future software updates, free of charge for all customers with an annual fee of S&AT.

The results have exceeded expectations: the WEB platform now attends a significant number of records per day, and it has quickly become a crucial working tool where clients ‘speak’ and ManWinWin Software listens, reinforcing ManWinWin Software’s Technical Support as one of the most important and valuable features of the company, as well as an effective compliance with ISO 9001:2008 demands in customer service.

ManWinWin software believes the future lies in listening to its customers and creating a collaborative product that can guarantee what today is considered the most critical business goal: Customer Success.