ManWinWin Software is continuing to expand its network in South East Asia after forming a new partnership with FRRL Industrial Trading Corporation (FITC), an industrial trading company located in the Philippines.

With over 70 million English speakers in the highly industrialized country, the Philippines is a huge market for ManWinWin software to grow its client base both locally and regionally.

The partner onboarding process involved a member of the ManWinWin team travelling to the Philippines to train FITC in how to use the maintenance management software and provide 40 years’ worth of maintenance management know-how to prospective and current clients in the region.

The new partnership with FITC increases ManWinWin’s partner network to 20 companies spanning 16 countries, half of whom are located in South East Asia. With this, the Managing Director of ManWinWin, Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, has set FITC the task of becoming a “top 5 partner” in the network.

ManWinWin’s growth in South East Asia has not gone unnoticed, with EU Gateway | Business Avenues, an initiative highlighting business ventures in the region, publishing a case study report of ManWinWin Software which emphasized the CMMS provider’s efforts to form contacts in countries such as Singapore and Thailand, among others.

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