ManWinWin Software has kept its promise of donating 1% of all software licensing revenue for 2019 to The Ocean Cleanup project, Managing Director Rodrigo Seruya Cabral has confirmed, after making the pledge at the start of the year.

With the levels of waste in the world’s oceans rising and the issue becoming an ever-growing concern, the aim of this initiative was for ManWinWin to make a positive contribution to changing current global waste habits by supporting a project dedicated to solving these problems.

The Ocean Cleanup is spearheading efforts to tackle plastic waste in our oceans by developing technology that collects the plastic using natural oceanic forces, in the hope of cleaning 90% of this pollution that is negatively impacting our ecosystems, health and economies.

Given that ManWinWin Software offers a management solution necessary for the maintenance of companies working in various sectors worldwide, it is an important reminder that a CMMS provider should also present itself as an ally for initiatives working to manage the ever-worsening situation our environment is in.

ManWinWin’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative comes with the belief that people have the potential to have a positive impact on the transformation of maintenance and the world we live in.

The announcement for ManWinWin Software’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility pledge is expected to be announced soon.

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