Indonesian company PT Pelindo Marine Service looks set to improve its efficiency and service quality after implementing ManWinWin’s maintenance management software. PT Pelindo Marine Service (PT PMS) joins a host of other companies in the region that have began controlling their maintenance activities using the software, following ManWinWin’s expansion in the region.

PT PMS is a subsidiary of Indonesia Port Corporation, one of Indonesia’s largest state-owned port services provider. PT PMS is based in the East Javan port city of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, and operates in eight business sectors including oil and gas, shipbroking, dredging, logistics and waste management. Its purpose is to contribute to the smooth running of sea transportation both nationally and internationally.

ManWinWin has subscribed to a set of strategic goals to help improve PT PMS’s efficiency and service quality by providing maintenance management for the company’s fleet vessels. ManWinWin’s software implementation, including its ‘Web’ and ‘Web Requests’ mobile solution, covers a wide range of areas such as the registration of items used in maintenance works, maintenance planning, and work orders scheduling.

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