ManWinWin holds a presentation session of its Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL)

​Two ManWinWin technicians accepted the challenge made by their former teacher, Prof. Dr. José Augusto Sobral, and made a presentation of ManWinWin Softare to several graduating classes in Mechanical Engineering, on the 15th of July.

The session was attended by Partner Relationship Manager, Eng. Vitor Carvalho, who gave a brief presentation on the benefits and strategic importance that this type of software has for the management and organization of maintenance in companies, and by ManWinWin Consultant, Eng. Rafael Santos, who gave a short presentation on the ManWinWin and some of its basic features, namely, the structuring and encoding of the initial information that will then support all the relevant information about equipment and maintenance work. Both are ISEL alumni students.

This is one of the many initiatives carried out by ManWinWin Software to introduce future graduates to not only one of the most used maintenance management tools in its segment, but also a little of the practical component of Maintenance Management itself. This type of initiative allows these future maintenance managers to gain an idea of the solutions available on the market and the positive impact of their use in the daily management of assets in companies.

The students were very receptive and participatory, and, interestingly, one of the students present at the seminar will soon become a new collaborator in the consultancy department at ManWinWin.

Prof. Dr. José Augusto Sobral, on behalf of ISEL, was very pleased with the result of this initiative, thanking everyone for their participation and ManWinWin’s availability for this type of initiative.

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