ManWinWin implements the 4-day workweek for its employees

Pursuing its efforts of always putting the well-being of its employees first, promoting more and more engagement with the company and happiness at work, ManWinWin has become part of the short list of companies that adopted the 4-day work week.

“Everyone is talking about the 4-day work week, some people just look the other way, some are making vague promises that the topic will be discussed soon; we, at ManWinWin, prefer acting on it”, says Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, General Manager at ManWinWin.

The 4-day work week is a hot topic today, yet only a few hundred companies worldwide have taken action to implement a 32-hour working schedule for its employees, without any reduction in their salary or benefits.

Rodrigo Seruya Cabral continues, “if you think about it, 40-hour work week is a classic example of Parkinson’s Law – if you have only 32 hours to deliver the same output that you delivered in 40 hours, then you will be more sharp-focused in delivering the work! Our expectation is to get our Team to work better, and benefit from that with a 3-day weekend!”

The decision was announced in the company’s annual Kick-Off meeting in mid-January, after ManWinWin’s best year ever in Revenue (2021), and it was very well received by ManWinWinners. The implementation will be gradual: it has started with a 6-month trial period of 4-day work week in the last week of each month, and “the plan is to continuously add more weeks with Fridays off, as we monitor this initiative’s results and confirm our expectations of massive success”

Adding to an already established hybrid work setup, where employees are only requested to come to the office once per week and may decide autonomously their preferred work setup (remote or office), the decision to gradually implement the 4-day work week is a natural consequence of ManWinWin’s DNA (ie Culture), where People are always first, and the most important asset the company has, and this is translated, in practice, in the two driving areas of ManWinWinners’ life: what they do at work, where the company shares an obsession with continuous learning, personal and professional growth, and rewarding work for everyone, and what employees do outside of work, which is always the most important for anyone working at ManWinWin.

“This is textbook management of people in today’s World: take good care of your team, they will take good care of your clients and your business”, says Rodrigo Seruya Cabral.

ManWinWin is one of the leading maintenance management softwares (CMMS) in the World, with users spread out in 120 countries worldwide. In 2021, the company reported its best year ever in Revenue, and has a clearly defined, ambitious plan for growth within the next 4 years.

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