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ManWinWin @ ITM Mexico 2023: Technological Revolution in an Inspiring Country

We’re really happy to share the incredible journey we had at Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM) 2023. Remembering Hannover Messe’s legacy and inspired by Mexico’s past brilliance as Partner Country, this event was nothing short of extraordinary! 🚀

ITM was a melting pot of innovation and collaboration, uniting passionate thousands of minds from Mexico and nearby nations. In a setting bursting with warmth and authenticity, ITM became a hub where ideas flourished, friendships bloomed, and industrial transformation took centre stage. 🤝

The event transcended mere technology displays; it was a celebration of the Mexican spirit, marked by kindness and shared visions for a vibrant industrial future. ManWinWin Software felt truly honoured to be part of this transformative experience. We connected with brilliant individuals, learned from diverse perspectives, and, we firmly believe, will contribute to Mexico’s and LATAM’s digitalization of maintenance management. 🌱


ITM 2023, thank you for the invaluable connections, insightful conversations, and memorable moments. Here’s to the friendships forged, the knowledge shared, and the collective journey toward a brighter tomorrow!

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