ManWinWin Partner Network – a growing business opportunity worldwide

ManWinWin Partner Network has been growing significantly in the last 4 years. The secret? A well-structured and rewarding partner program, with intensive training and constant support, combined with thorough process in bringing aboard the most effective and hard-working companies and self-employed individuals Worldwide, that share our ManWinWin DNA. 

ManWinWin Partner Network is a group of companies and self-employed individuals specialized in maintenance management and industrial engineering consultancy who work in their local markets as ManWinWin representatives, making them, therefore, an extension of our ManWinWin ‘family’ based in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Network, today, includes Partners representing ManWinWin in more than 20 countries Worldwide, all of which share common traits: they are very hard-working, easy-to-work-with individuals with a drive to learn more and more each day, and a strong focus in sharing ManWinWin DNA through their own potential clients and clients in their local markets.

ManWinWin Partner program was initiated in 2013 and was significantly revamped by mid-2019. Today, the program includes several competency levels, with a progressive and generous revenue-sharing model offered to Partners in each level. Monthly webinars are being carried out to present the WinWin business model to interested companies & self-employed individuals, you can register for this webinar on this link – register for the next webinar.

A team of highly qualified and motivated ManWinWinners has been assigned to support and continuously train ManWinWin Partners and, today, practically all Partners have completed sales of the software, most of which are already benefitting from recurring revenue.

The Partner program has been a strategic investment for ManWinWin, and the trend will continue in forthcoming years. A very ambitious investment plan is in place to significantly increase this network and to add more and more value to Partners that join the ‘family’.

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