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ManWinWin Partner/Reseller in Malaysia supports the digitalization of maintenance management at the largest cement factory in the state of Sabah

From paper-based maintenance management and spreadsheets, Cement Industries, the largest cement plant in the state of Sabah, took a giant leap into the mobility and simplicity of CMMS ManWinWin, to the great satisfaction of the more than 20 members of the maintenance team.

 Cement Industries, the largest cement plant in the state of Sabah in Malaysia, has chosen ManWinWin maintenance software (CMMS) to digitise its maintenance processes.

The implementation of the software was carried out by Quantrasoft, a competent ManWinWin partner based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and involved more than 20 members of the maintenance team, headed by a Manager. From day 1 of the project, the Cement Industries maintenance team immediately recognised the potential of ManWinWin, and were particularly impressed with the system’s ease of use and the mobility features available, a particularly beneficial resource for the various technical teams on site – electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, and production staff. One of the technicians from Cement Industries confirmed that “ManWinWin is new to me and my colleagues, the first day was more difficult, lots of new things, but it was great to have competent and friendly trainers with us, and the software is very easy to use from day 2 onwards; I would recommend this software to more companies.”

The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the team throughout the training sessions meant that by the end of the 2nd day of the project, members of the team were confident in using the software independently for various maintenance tasks.

Early feedback from Sabah Cement Industries confirms the positive impact of ManWinWin on their maintenance operations. The software has significantly streamlined the maintenance approval process, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced downtime. The team also praised the improved spare parts management features, which made it easier to assign work orders and access work order history. ManWinWin’s user-friendly interface was widely appreciated by the maintenance team, allowing them to quickly adapt to the system and maximise their productivity. One of the electrical maintenance team members confirmed that “when we finished the training, our work became easier, not only in electrical maintenance, but also in warehouse management and other areas.”

The implementation took place in the picturesque town of Kota Kinabalu, also known as KK, a popular holiday destination in Malaysia.

Sabah Cement Industries remains committed to optimising its maintenance operations and ensuring the highest level of productivity. The adoption of ManWinWin confirmed the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry, which ultimately benefits its customers.

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