ManWinWin reaches over 3,500 customers!

​ManWinWin has more than 3,500 customers across 40 business sectors in more than 116 countries worldwide.

CMMS ManWinWin has 21 years in the market and has been developed along 5 generations: the first ever system developed was SIM (Portuguese acronym for Integrated Maintenance System); then, SGM (which means Maintenance Management System), which a couple years later made way for SQMqual (Maintenance Quality System), initially directed to the maintenance of Calibrations.

In 2001, the first version of ManWinWin was then released, and gradually replaced its previous generation. Initially launched under the name AutoWinWin and directed to fleet management, its use was quickly extended to industrial, building and infrastructure maintenance, and it was very shortly after that it ultimately changed its name to ManWinWin.

Since 2001, ManWinWin has had hundreds of new versions, is now in version, and has thousands of customers worldwide.

In 2017, ManWinWin Express was launched, a completely free software that allowed users to manage all equipment maintenance, up to a limit of 50 assets. With the arrival of the pandemic and the significant digital trend, the company decided to increase the asset limit to 100, and quickly reached 2,000 registered ManWinWin Express users.

ManWinWin’s sharp growth was also leveraged by the launch of online training courses, user manuals, video tutorials and virtual training sessions. ManWinWin software has gained traction all over the world, with strong growth in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and has recently reached 3,500 users in the World.

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