​Atlântico Line has joined over 1100 companies in using ManWinWin software to manage the maintenance for another one of its ships.  Azores-based Portuguese company offers a maritime transport service for passengers and vehicles across the islands, primarily between Pico, Faial and São Jorge, or the “Triangle Islands” group.

The objectives of this project were to register the ship’s equipment and launch preventive work orders into ManWinWin software, and provide training and assistance to Atlântico’s technicians that are going to continue using ManWinWin.

Following the on-site visit of the ship, the on-site ManWinWin consultants said that they found Atlântico’s team “easy to work with and fully cooperative throughout the duration of this project”.

Originally founded by 2 naval engineers in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, ManWinWin software helps thousands of businesses worldwide manage their maintenance, including hundreds of Portuguese-speaking companies in countries including Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

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