HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd, comprising over 700 employees, has chosen to implement maintenance management software (CMMS) ManWinWin to ensure that its equipment and operations run efficiently and at a low cost.

This state-of-the-art plant, the largest of its kind in West Africa, was established in 2011 and is located in the southern Ghanaian town of Adeiso, producing dried fruit and vegetables, coconut oil and fruit pulp. The firm works with small-holder farmers all year round to produce its commodities which are sold to its key market areas of Europe and North America (USA).

HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd has held a BRC Audit Level AA rating since its formation in 2011, and it has incorporated sustainable initiatives into its daily production practices to guarantee that it remains environmentally friendly, including the recycling of coconut shells and mango stones as fuel for its burners that dry the fruit in the drying ovens.

ManWinWin has subscribed to a set of strategic goals to HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd that will reduce maintenance costs and production stops to maximize the efficiency of the company’s equipment.

HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd are the first company from Ghana to implement ManWinWin’s maintenance management software system, which operates in over 90 countries globally and continues to expand its user base.