ManWinWin Software attends National consultation leading up to United Nations’ “Transforming Education Summit”

​ManWinWin Software’s General Manager was invited to attend the National consultation held in Lisbon, Portugal, in the beginning of June, an event leading up to the United Nations “Transforming Education Summit” to be held in September, in New York.

Close to 150 United Nations’ member states were invited to organize National consultations on the future of Education systems around the World, where people from all backgrounds, ages and cultures were requested to give their views on how Education can be transformed, reimagined, always with the long-term aim for SDG4 in mind – quality education for all.

A topic very dear to this company, know-how has been part of ManWinWin’s DNA since its origin in 1981 – a strong investment in employees’ and clients’ training, always seeking knowledge, always providing training to others, these are all critical factors in the company’s success, which depends on employees’ personal and professional development, and in client’s success in using, more and better, the software developed by the company.

The United Nations “Transforming Education Summit”, to be held in September 2022 in New York, seeks to mobilize political ambition, action, solutions and solidarity to transform education around the World. A Pre-Summit was held this week in Paris, where initial content for the Summit was elaborated, and greater momentum generated in the lead up to September’s event

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