ManWinWin Software conducts webinar to Engineering students in Saudi Arabia’s top university

​A total of 43 nearly graduate students attended an online webinar conducted by Engr Ahmed El Hagrasy, a highly skilled ManWinWin Partner in the GCC Region since 2017. The webinar had excellent feedback from both the students and the university professors teaching at the College of Engineering of the University.

The University of Hail is located in the North of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just 600 kms away from the capital Riyadh, and recently entered, for the first time, the list of the best 400 universities in the World, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, featuring 3rd place within all of the Kingdom’s universities.

The webinar conducted lasted approximately 90 mins; it opened with a quick overview of the company, the benefits of using a CMMS and a very accurate overview on how CMMS ManWinWin was meeting the market’s challenges and needs, using industry statistics and real ManWinWin clients’ feedback. After that, the students were able to see a live demonstration of the software’s features, including the mobile access and the touchless technology in action.

A highly popular initiative among professors and students, the last of which will very soon join the Engineering work market. Professors stated great satisfaction with the lecture and have already planned for further lectures soon. The University of Hail has authorized the publication of the recording of this lecture, which can be accessed in the link below.

ManWinWin is one of the World’s leading CMMS and, due to its strong growth in the GCC region, one of the very few to have an Arabic interface available.

Link to webinar (in Arabic):

Link to Q&A section (in Arabic):

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