Stars Innovation SAL, a leading digital printing solutions company in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf, has opted to use ManWinWin Software to manage its maintenance.

This was ManWinWin’s first project undertaken in Lebanon and was carried out in collaboration with Asset Management Systems SARL, a business founded by Talal Bayoun, accredited ManWinWin representative in Lebanon and other countries in the Region. The two companies have been official partners since November 2018.

Lebanon is one of 94 countries that ManWinWin’s maintenance management software system operates in.

Stars Innovation SAL, situated in the Lebanon’s capital city Beirut, supplies its clients with solutions for digital printing not only in the form of a wide selection of products, but also through a dedicated professional Technical Team and after-sales assistance programs, ensuring that customers receive the level of support that they require for their digital printing solutions.

Stars Innovation SAL also maintain an up-to-date and advanced service, offering solutions that are nationally and regionally customer-focused, technologically innovative and environmentally responsible.

To achieve a successful maintenance management system for Stars Innovation SAL, ManWinWin has pledged itself to a series of strategic goals that seek to lower the company’s maintenance costs and increase the efficiency of its equipment. Notably, these initiatives will include the installation of a centralized registration of Stars Innovation SAL’s relevant information to maintenance, and the scheduling of Work Orders for employees.

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