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ManWinWin Software in the Top 5% of Portuguese SMEs for Financial Sustainability

ManWinWin Software, a global leader in maintenance management software development, is pleased to announce its recognition as one of the leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Portugal, achieving an Excellent rating in the Performance and Financial Solidity Index (IDS). This acknowledgment is reserved for companies that stand out, placing them in the Top 5% of SMEs in Portugal.

The financial certification SCORING, which underlies this recognition, uses data from companies’ annual accounts obtained from the official ‘Tax & Business Information’, known in Portugal as IES. The independence and reliability of the data are ensured by companies submitting directly to the Portuguese Tax Authority. The evaluation model received a scientific validation from Ph.D. professors in Management, confirming its ability to measure and differentiate companies in terms of organizational performance and financial solidity.

BUREAU VERITAS regularly audits the model underlying the SCORING financial certifications, validating the reliability of the database and the impartial application to companies.

To preserve the integrity of the ratings, the data is annually deposited with ASSOFT (Portuguese Software Association) for legal deposit.

Founded in 1981 in Portugal, ManWinWin Software is the most experienced company globally in CMMS, with 24 employees and over 3,000 clients in 120 countries. Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, General Manager at ManWinWin Software, emphasizes the significance of this recognition: “Being in the Top 5% of the best SMEs confirms that the focus on financial stability was accurate. It gives our clients the certainty that they are investing in a financially solid company, crucial in today’s business environment.”

At ManWinWin Software, our commitment goes beyond software sales; it is a commitment to trust, innovation, and human understanding in maintenance digitization. It is also a commitment to sustainability, endurance, and profitability of the investment made in the company. The success of our clients is our success. WinWin.


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