ManWinWin Software apoia o futebol

ManWinWin Software supports youth soccer

ManWinWin, a leader in CMMS solutions, is committed to the development and participation of young people in the community. By sponsoring various sports organizations, the company seeks to promote values such as friendship, teamwork, and resilience.

In 2023, ManWinWin began a new sponsorship of a local soccer team founded in the same year. The team, made up of thirteen players, competes in the “Nova Liga”, a friendly soccer league with professional organization.

A key contribution to their success

ManWinWin’s sponsorship was fundamental to the team’s development, enabling it to purchase essential soccer equipment such as shirts, shorts, and boots. This support has been a major help to the players, who would previously have had to invest in equipment without any support.

The team’s plans are uncertain, but the desire to continue taking part in matches and developing as players is clear. The team’s main values are friendship and fun since the main objective is to be together and enjoy soccer.

As a new team, they highlight the victories and goals scored as the best moments, but also the feeling of unity and companionship they experience on and off the pitch.

ManWinWin and sports

ManWinWin believes that sport is a powerful tool for promoting values such as cooperation, respect, perseverance, and companionship. We are committed to helping the team achieve its goals and continue to grow as a united group with a passion for soccer.

We believe that sport is a valuable tool for the development of people and the community, which is why we have sponsored different youth soccer teams, karate, and mountain biking clubs, as well as canoeing teams.

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