Single-user lifetime license to manage up to 250 assets

What is included in ManWinWin Start license

START license is an upgrade to ManWinWin  EXPRESS that, in addition to allowing you to manage up to 250 assets, includes on boarding live sessions with our consultants and a complete online training course.

Lifetime license

There is no hidden fee.

Always updated

You will have access to all future updates.

User manual

Complete manual in PDF format with detailed information.


ManWinWin online training course.

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Access Database

The database is automatically installed with the program.

Up to 250 assets

Allows you to manage up to 250 of your own equipment or that of your customers.


Online implementation for ManWinWin EXPRESS and START versions.

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Single user

Allow only one user on a single computer.

Maintenance Module

All core maintenance management features are included.

Technical Support

Access to (e-mail) support to answer your questions.


How to buy and use ManWinWin Start


ManWinWin START is an upgrade to ManWinWin EXPRESS. Before using it you must have installed EXPRESS, free version.

If you haven’t already, follow this link


As soon as we receive your payment confirmation we send you the lifetime licensing file, with all necessary instructions.

If you haven’t paid yet, pay here €599


One of our technicians will contact you to help with the whole process and to schedule the sessions included in the online Implementation service.

Learn more about the implementation service here


You will receive a link to ManWinWin online training course with a 100% discount coupon.

Learn more about training course here


You will receive the user manual and other relevant information to the correct implementation of ManWinWin START and how to be always updated with recent versions.


Enjoy your ManWinWin START and always count on our support.

Technical support

Single-user lifetime license to manage up to 250 assets

ManWinWin Start