To celebrate nearly 67 years of trading, Brazilian company Frigorifico Argus, located in the northwest of Paraná state, completed the implementation of ManWinWin Software to begin managing its maintenance before the turn of the new decade.

Frigorico Argus is a supplier and provider of quality meat products, working with partners to breed and keep cattle and livestock, storing products in cooling and freezing units, and operating its distribution via a fleet of refrigerated trucks that allows for the delivery of fresh products.

The goal of this project is to centralize the maintenance activities of Argus whilst keeping track of the maintenance history of the eqiupment, enabling the company to better plan its maintenance operations and predict costs. Moreover, this will provide key indicators that will support decision-making pertaining to, for example, the costs of maintenance and equipment.

Argus is ManWinWin’s third client in Brazil; their continuous collaboration, motivation, and interest in the project has been essential to its successful implementation.