ManWinWin Software continues to advance in the World map following the implementation of its CMMS software – START version, at aluminium equipment manufacturing company Blackline Aluminium in Ontario, Canada. 

Founded in 2017, Blackline A. have become specialized in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installation of all types of bespoke aluminium facade systems, for mid-rise & high-rise condominiums, offices and hotels in Canada.

As this great company only needs to manage bellow 250 assets it was possible to implement the ManWinWin START version with all the online implementation and training included.

The goal for Backline A. is to ensure that their maintenance management information is centralized in one core system, so that they can keep track of breakdowns, work orders and so on. Moreover, they will also be able to strategize new ways of saving time and money by producing and printing reports and KPIs, indicating areas of inefficiency in their day-to-day maintenance activities.

Senior ManWinWin consultant João Marques expressed his gratitude to the company technician for maintaining a high level of communication throughout the implementation. He noted that during the training phase of the project, BA’s technician was “engaged, insightful and willing to learn” the ins and outs of maintenance management, contributing to the implementation’s overall success.

Blackline Aluminium joins a new list of ManWinWin START clients operating locally or globally, with specific maintenance needs and that are happy to know the software has a lifetime license with no more costs recharges.

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