ManWinWin WEB 7: a brand new UX/UI with a seamless mobile experience

ManWinWin 7 was launched on the 21.12.2022. With it, a brand new UX/UI was created for its Web interface. Augmented Reality features, profiles adapted to each user, digital signature and START & STOP features – everything to make maintenance technicians’ life easier.

ManWinWin WEB is a powerful and easy-to-use interface to access CMMS ManWinWin. With the successful launch of its best version to date, ManWinWin 7, the WEB interface had a huge revamp in its UX/UI overall experience, along with many new features.

ManWinWin WEB was initially created to make life simpler for field technicians, allowing them to perform and easily report the maintenance tasks carried out, making the adoption of the software more seamless than ever for our clients.

By accessing ManWinWin WEB’s modern and responsive interface through a laptop or a tablet, technicians can view the complete equipment inventory, technical details, photos, documents, and maintenance history, and view the tasks that are due supported with 2D imagery and videos, along with a START & STOP button to report the time spent in a few seconds, all of which enables the essential flow of information into the database.

“Our experience tells us that a CMMS’ strength is not so much in its functionalities; it is more in its simplicity of use and successful adoption. Without a daily use by technicians, the CMMS is not going to work”, as stated by Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, General Manager at ManWinWin Software.

ManWinWin Software launched a revamped WEB interface with a more logic and intuitive experience, one which focuses primarily in ease-of-use, which in turn favours the creation of daily habits of ‘feeding’ the system in all of the maintenance staff, and this brings valuable data to companies.

ManWinWin WEB is a part of the recent launch of ManWinWin 7. It is the result of 40+ years of experience and know-how in maintenance management software (CMMS) implementations, of listening to hundreds of clients worldwide using the system, their day-to-day struggles, their needs and wants.

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