ManWinWin Software has introduced a digital signature feature to its web-based application, ManWinWin Web, to provide increased security and flexibility to clients using it. This mandatory feature formalizes the process of employees confirming the work that they have performed, and their superiors approving this work.

Providing a digital signature further benefits those carrying out the work in question as it gives a clear ratification of which employee completed the activity, acting as evidence when reviewing the quality of work.

ManWinWin Web is a 100% web-developed platform simplifying access to specific information on ManWinWin Software for maintenance managers and technicians alike. It acts as a dynamic and responsive frontend interface where users can access features such as the dashboard, equipment list and maintenance history , available from any device to users with an internet connection.

An application that allows you to manage your maintenance digitally and access data in real-time, ManWinWin Web has led to higher adoption of tasks by employees, better engagement between employees and their superiors and overall reduced costs for the company, according to clients using the application.

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