ManWinWin Software has launched a brand-new module – ManWinWin WEB – and strengthens its top-performing market positioning with total mobility in maintenance management.

ManWinWin WEB is a 100% WEB-developed platform used to access, view and record specific and relevant information in CMMS ManWinWin. ManWinWin WEB has a dynamic, responsive interface, therefore can be accessed through any mobile device with an internet connection, including the user’s own device. Maintenance managers, maintenance technicians, clients and suppliers have now an easy-to-use online interface to access CMMS ManWinWin, allowing the management of the entire maintenance process completely paperless.

A real-time Maintenance Dashboard, access to the complete Equipment list, work order reporting and validation and materials stock outs are among the main features of ManWinWin WEB, which is already implemented in many ManWinWin users.

Digital Workplace Group’s (DWG) research on enterprise mobility identified 10 specific advantages of which the following are of high value to maintenance management:

  • Availability and Portability (access anywhere and access any time)
  • Access relevant information in context, exactly when needed (user manuals, safety instructions, maintenance history)
  • Speeding up communication (has high potential to minimize delays and downtime)
  • Capturing and monitoring data in real-time (reporting in real-time also improves accuracy of data)
  • A simple interface for basic, day-to-day processes leads to higher adoption from workers
  • Using their own devices leads to higher adoption from employees, better engagement and reduced costs for the company



Alexandre Carvalho, Technical Consultancy Team Leader and one of the Partners at ManWinWin Software, mentions “this is an easy-to-use operational interface, one that is used daily by technicians, suppliers, clients or managers. It makes our Clients’ work more simple, their communication faster and more efficient and it also allows the maintenance technicians to stay in the field, they don’t need to report back to office, which is much more productive.”