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ManWinWin’s unmatched CMMS experience highly praised by Leading Water brand in Cambodia

Vital Premium Water, a product of large food and beverage manufacturer NVC Corporation Ltd., has chosen to implement CMMS ManWinWin for its digitalization of maintenance management. A successful implementation project involving a dedicated team of almost 30 staff members. The feedback received from the project reflects the overall satisfaction of the various stakeholders with the ManWinWin CMMS.

ManWinWin Software is pleased to announce a successful CMMS implementation at Vital Premium Water, a brand owned by NVC Corporation, specifically at their plant in Cambodia. NVC Corporation is the proud producer of Vital Premium Water, a leading brand in the Cambodian bottled water market.

Vital Premium Water plant is a modern facility employing approximately 400 people and was chosen as the ideal location for implementing the CMMS ManWinWin. The company has ambitious plans for production expansion soon.

The project was carried out following the successful framework and implementation methodology of previous projects in similar industries and has received positive evaluations from Senior Consultants and Partners at ManWinWin Software. The company foresees another successful ManWinWin case study in Southeast Asia, attributing this achievement to the involvement of key individuals at Vital Premium Water, who played an integral role in its success.

During the project, all planned training & consultancy topics were covered, and further review and consolidation sessions were conducted, which were greatly appreciated by all staff members involved in the implementation. Most technical information was accurately recorded in CMMS ManWinWin, and the effective implementation methodology followed resonated well with the decision-makers. ManWinWin implementation methodology has had a very high success rate around the World and is the result of more than 40 years of experience and fine tuning.

The feedback received from the project reflects the overall satisfaction of the various stakeholders with CMMS ManWinWin. NVC Corporation has expressed interest in having ManWinWin Software return to Cambodia to provide further support and follow-up on the project.

ManWinWin Software is the most experienced CMMS company in the World, and is constantly reaffirming its commitment to deliver innovative, yet practical and easy-to-use maintenance management solutions, contributing to high adoption rates among its worldwide, and therefore a quick and lucrative return on the investment (ROI) made by its clients.

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