Muscat, Oman – Oman-based oil and gas specialist Midwesco is the latest company to target improved maintenance efficiency by implementing ManWinWin’s CMMS software.

Founded at the turn of the millennium, Midwesco focus on drilling operations ranging from well pulling hoist activities through to wireline services, building a strong regional reputation and acquiring ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

The company has set itself high standards in providing partners with excellent technical services, using a combination of cutting-edge technology, strong management practices and industry-leading skills and expertise. Midwesco is currently undertaking pulling hoist operations on production and injection wells for Petroleum Development Oman until 2028.

ManWinWin’s demonstrated experience in the oil and gas industry will be paramount in ensuring that Midwesco increases the lifespan of its equipment and drives down costs. The system offers management full visibility of costs and breakdowns across the 6 (six) core modules that constitute ManWinWin’s CMMS software.

ManWinWin’s client portfolio in the industry includes household names such as Petronas and Fuchs, and notable oil and gas providers in the region continue to trust ManWinWin Software to ensure that processes remain efficient and the maintenance function adds value to the overall business.

The head of maintenance and engineering at the Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company (BAFCO), Hani Yousif, described ManWinWin as a:

very powerful tool for data analysis and for producing more cost-effective maintenance plans.

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