With the latest ManWinWin implementations in Almada and Alcochete City Halls, there are already 8 cities in Portugal that use CMMS ManWinWin to manage the maintenance of their counties.

Almada, Amadora, Pombal, Valongo, Oliveira do Hospital, Alcochete, Cantanhede and Oporto are currently the 8 Portuguese cities that benefit from the agility and efficiency of CMMS ManWinWin to maintain in safety and good operation the most diverse assets that are the responsibility of a City Council.

From leisure and parks, street lighting, waste & water management, car fleets, urban cleaning, public buildings such as schools or emblematic concert halls, there are countless assets within the scope of maintenance, which these City Halls manage with CMMS ManWinWin. Preventive tasks are scheduled and tracked, legal compliance is assured and citizens’ safety and comfort is safeguarded, all of which will result in a gradual, overall maintenance costs reduction.

Despite the continuous effects of COVID-19, ManWinWin Software continues to expand its customer base in Portugal, namely in the sector of city halls and other public entities, such as the Portuguese Army, the Serralves Foundation or the Portuguese Police (PSP)

Join these important Municipalities and start managing your maintenance today with ManWinWin software: free CMMS software (manwinwin.com)

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