Nation-wide professional training centre CENFIM invites ManWinWin Software for a practical presentation to industrial maintenance students

ManWinWin Software conducted a 2-hour practical training session to industrial maintenance students at CENFIM, Professional Training Centre for the Metallurgical and Metalworking Industry.

Dozens of students joined a 2-hour practical session on using CMMS ManWinWin, where basic functionalities of the software were presented, practical exercises were carried out, and a very interactive and positive experience among students and teachers was achieved.

The session was carried out by one of ManWinWin’s top consultants, who went through a ‘crash course’ on the main features of the software like creating assets, maintenance plans and work order management and reporting, and a complete summary of the advantages of a CMMS over the use of spreadsheets to manage maintenance, both of which ignited much interest in students, who provided very positive feedback with the session itself and the ease-of-use of the software.

The teachers responsible for the class were also very pleased with the outcome and overall participation of the students and were enthusiastic about carrying out similar sessions in the future.

CENFIM is a nation-wide vocational training centre with 13 centres in 15 locations, which promotes training, orientation and professional enhancement of people in the metallurgical, metalworking and electromechanical sector. With a yearly average of more than 15,000 students and a massive geographical reach in the country, CENFIM is one of the most important technical training institutions in Portugal and has a very high employability rate to show for itself.

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