The world is always changing and “Why?” is always a relevant question.


WHY a maintenance software

  • Enables totally proactive and planned maintenance
  • Reduces costs from 10% to 15% due to improvement in inventory control
  • Productivity gains of 5% to 30% by focusing on more measurement
  • Average maintenance costs reduction of 25%
  • Reduces downtime between 30% and 40%

WHY ManWinWin software?

  • ManWinWin is one of the best CMMS in the World, according to Frontrunners Report by Gartner® Digital Markets.
  • Our team LOVES improving maintenance management Worldwide and we have almost 40 years of indisputable experience and know-how in doing this.
  • ManWinWin has a FREE lifetime license, a 599 € package that includes online setup and PROFESSIONAL solutions for more demanding clients, all of which can be implemented and supported remotely.

Tell us the number of equipment you need to manage and we will show you our solution!

Main CMMS benefits 

Feedback from our customers – Survey 2018 ISO 9001:2015. Shown in graphs: % of respondents that mentioned this benefit / total of 115 valid survey responses counted.

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  • Quick and centralized access to information 90,38% 90,38%
  • Reduction of costs related to maintenance and energy consumption 20,19% 20,19%
  • Increase of production and efficiency due to planned maintenance 69,23% 69,23%
  • Justification of investments to administration and to take better decisions 64,42% 64,42%
  • Quality of analysis, report and KPI 28,85% 28,85%
  • More preventive and less corrective maintenance 43,27% 43,27%
  • Increase of availability of Equipment and production 25% 25%
  • Decisive tool for auditing and compliance with legal requirements 58,65% 58,65%
  • Efficient stock management of spare parts 31,73% 31,73%

What do you get with the ManWinWin Maintenance software?


It allows you to feel, in real time, the pulse of your maintenance.

Management of all maintenance work

Manage the work of the entire maintenance team

Complete Equipment Inventory

Detailed registration of technical characteristics, images and association of any type of document.

Complete Maintenance History

Make projections of operation according to its history.


Allows you to perform tasks directly on equipment, by reading the QR Code or bringing the smartphone closer to NFC tags

WEB and APP Mobility

Dynamic and responsive interface. Total mobility in maintenance management.

Cost Analysis And Maintenance Kpi

Calculation of technical, economic and organizational maintenance indicators in accordance with international standards

Maintenance Stock Management

Complete or partial inventories per warehouse

Tell us the number of equipment you need to manage and we will show you our solution!

The reference maintenance management software

Recommended by the market experts

We are the maintenance management solution

Regardless the type of equipment you want to manage or the size of your team


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