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Online implementation of ManWinWin in 1000 shops of the nr. 1 health and beauty retail chain in Asia

Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, has implemented ManWinWin software to manage the maintenance of more than 1,000 shops in the Philippines, a project carried out by a ManWinWin Partner based in the capital, Manila.

 ManWinWin was the software of choice for the well-known retail chain Watsons, an icon in Asia in the field of health and beauty.

It was a successful online implementation led by ManWinWin’s partner in the Philippines, FITC, with the participation of several Watsons staff members, an interested and disciplined group of professionals who did a lot of practical work, including several autonomous imports of information, which reduced the implementation time considerably.

The project started with two pilot areas, which quickly became the model to follow for the rest of the organisation, about 1,000 shops in total. Maintenance management focused mainly on the inventory of HVAC equipment, electrical equipment and facilities, and the management of maintenance requests recorded by each individual shop.

Watsons is Asia’s best-known health and beauty retail chain, with more than 8,000 physical shops across several countries in the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Thailand, among others. The company is experiencing a very strong growth momentum, has opened more than 1,400 shops since 2019, and is now equipped with an efficient maintenance management tool that can improve the productivity and performance of its operations.

FITC is an active ManWinWin partner in the Philippines, based in Manila, and already has a lot of experience in commercialising and implementing CMMS ManWinWin. The company has built a reputation and credibility with successful projects with companies such as Shell, Total, Petron and Manila Water, and is now also a reference in the country as a company specialising in maintenance management software (CMMS) ManWinWin.

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