Preparation of a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Preparation of a Preventive Maintenance Plan: A 5-step approach for operational efficiency in the industry

Asset maintenance is essential to ensure operability and extend the lifespan of equipment, facilities, and systems. Designing an effective maintenance plan is the starting point to successfully achieve this goal.

By presenting five fundamental steps for structuring a preventive maintenance plan and emphasizing the convergence between preservation and optimization, the path for one of the most crucial aspects of industrial asset management that seeks operational excellence is outlined.

The definition of an effective maintenance plan requires a methodical and comprehensive approach, essential to ensure reliable performance and efficient resource management in organizations. The implementation of these key steps enables the creation of an integrated system that not only promotes operational reliability but also optimizes resource allocation, contributing to asset management excellence.

Well-structured maintenance plans, when executed correctly, contribute to reducing equipment unavailability. Additionally, by adding more value to organizations, they contribute to the sustainability and longevity of assets, assuming the most important role in the pursuit of operational excellence, backed by both industry best standards and maintenance management best practices.

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