Preventative Maintenance Software for Service Providers

Manage your customers’ equipment from a centralized and user-friendly framework

ManWinWin is a software used by dozens of maintenance services companies: maintenance services to buildings, industrial maintenance, specialized maintenance workshops (aircraft maintenance), repair shops of all kinds, and others.


Preventative maintenance software that’s quick and easy to implement and accessible to all users (maintenance, production, storage, retail, top-level management…)


A 100% dedicated support team / help desk who achieved a satisfaction rate of nearly 90% in response times, friendliness and efficiency (ISO 9001:2015).


Almost 40 years of know-how and experience in maintenance management and preventative maintenance software adds Value to our clients through trust, technical credibility and practical ideas. 89% of ManWinWin users reported this know- how and experience as one of the main strengths of our solution.

Preventative Maintenance Software Main Features

  • Management of the client’s equipment, technical forms and documents
  • Management of preventive maintenance for clients
  • Planning with automatic alerts, using a drag and drop-style calendar
  • Maintenance requests (made by clients) met with Corrective Job Orders (Maintenance) with constant feedback of the request status and allowing communication through messages
  • Full maintenance history (per equipment, by location, by client, etc.)
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly (etc.) analyses and reports to show clients
  • Maintenance indicators (MTTR, MTBF, MWT, …) and KPI customized by the user
  • Mobile access for:
    • Technicians to easily report the work done, allocated to them by the manager and keep the maintenance history updated in real time
    • The customer to consult their own information recorded in the softwar

Preventative Maintenance Software Main  Advantages

ManWinWin allows maintenance managers:

  • To save a lot of time with quick access to all the information of its customers’ equipment in each of its facilities: datasheets, documentation, planned work, maintenance history, parts used, etc.
  • The timely planning of maintenance work and thus increase the availability of its customers’ equipment and increase the productivity of their maintenance teams on the ground
  • To quickly respond to maintenance requests by customers and ensure that response times are measured and are within what was contracted with the client (SLAs);
  • To accumulate maintenance history and produce information that allows the customer himself to make better technical decisions that reduce their costs and increase equipment efficiency in facilities
  • To produce monthly or quarterly reports that add value: providing analysis, indicators, trends and suggestions for improvement to the customer
  • The timely planning of parts necessary for maintenance, ensuring their availability in stock and automatic alerts should more need to be bought, avoiding delays in work due to stock shortages

What our customers are saying

All of SG Services’ technical information and all information on maintenance jobs carried out at our clients is recorded in ManWinWin. The system is very easy to use and simple to manage
Antonio Castillo


Since ManWinWin’s implementation that this tool has been an excellent tool to support the maintenance management of our client’s ships. Without this software, we wouldn’t have reached today’s high levels of operability
António Santos


Overall, the software is really good and easy to use. We had very good on site support from Navaltik’s Consultants, they are very competent, they know the system very well and know exactly what they are doing
Simon Beck

Business Development Manager, S.G.SERVICES - ANGOLA

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