ManWinWin smart maintenance with Winston

Smart Maintenance in CMMS ManWinWin has a name: Winston

On the 21st of December 2022, ManWinWin Software launched ManWinWin 7, which included a new smart assistant, Winston. Winston turns all the information recorded in ManWinWin into Alerts, Insights, and Forecasts using artificial intelligence (AI).

 Exactly 3 years ago, the ManWinWin Software team set out to design the new ManWinWin 7, with a focus on smart maintenance management. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is the order of the day, and Winston, ManWinWin’s smart maintenance assistant that generates alerts, insights and AI-powered predictions, is ready to help maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right times, based on the information recorded in the software.

By processing information in real time, Winston notifies users whenever something relevant occurs, which prevents unexpected breakdowns, delays in work execution and unwanted stock rotations, among others. With Winston Alerts, you won’t miss anything important! By setting specific alerts, Winston notifies those who should, which ensures quick, preventive and responsible action, and this allows managers to focus on the most important and proactive work. Winston is constantly analysing the information available in the software and making statistical calculations to also provide Insights, and relevant suggestions and opinions, allowing maintenance managers to then make their own informed decisions in line with best practices. Winston’s Forecasts, on the other hand, uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to predict events that will happen in the future, which brings ManWinWin customers a huge capacity to anticipate their future actions based on real data.

According to recent research, the ability to anticipate brings significant benefits to businesses, including a potential for a 70% reduction in breakdowns, a 25% decrease in maintenance costs, and a 35% decrease in downtime. In a global landscape packed with uncertainty, Winston’s forecasts provide more stability, more proactivity, and reduce uncertainty for organisations. The ability to predict scenarios based on real information offers a competitive advantage for the maintenance management of any facility.

Winston is a revolutionary resource that will transform the way companies deal with maintenance management. The potential for expansion of this resource is virtually limitless, and there are already dozens of new features on the road map for this friendly smart assistant.

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Smart maintenance for smart people

When active, Winston processes all available information in real-time and notifies specific users whenever something relevant happens.

Winston helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, work delays or unwanted stockouts.