Ivory Coast has become the latest location to benefit from ManWinWin’s software following OK Plast’s move to implement the CMMS at its facility in Abidjan, the country’s capital.

October’s 10 (ten) day project sought to acquaint OK Plast’s personnel with ManWinWin’s key concepts and software practices, whilst also putting plans into action by registering maintenance information and data onto the database.

OK Plast! are a renowned manufacturer of kinchenware, homeware and plastic furniture products, distributing its products across Africa with manufacturing units in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As the company moves towards improving the efficiency and production rate of its state-of-the-art machinery, ManWinWin’s CMMS software will become key to ensuring that OK Plast’s maintenance activities run smoothly, guaranteeing the successful running of this equipment.

OK Plast’s license will ensure that they also receive post-sale support and consultancy from ManWinWin, a service that clients rated highly in a recent survey. To find out more about ManWinWin’s latest developments, read our news here.