An article that studied the different benefits of CMMS revealed that most companies obtained the benefits that were suggested in a questionnaire supplied to companies operating in the Portuguese market.

 The paper, based on a master’s dissertation addressing the benefits of maintenance management software, included data taken from 104 companies that are active in the Portuguese market, offering a brief reflection on the way in which certain studied benefits can be obtained through the lens of consultancy in maintenance management.

The study concluded that just 12.4% of participants considered a CMMS to be unsuccessful investment in their companies, while the most tangible measurements for benefits were found to be improved cost and inventory control, decreased inventory costs and reduced energy consumption.

Authors João Folgosa and João Nunes Marques highlighted that the CMMS’s implementation process may bring several improvements to the maintenance function of the company, courtesy of the consultancy project that regularly accompanies this process.Overall, the article concluded that work management supported by a CMMS, along with compliance with standards and government regulations, will dispense the necessary information leading to a reduction in the frequency of breakdowns and the improvement of overall management, with noticeable benefits in availability, productivity, effectiveness, safety and economic outcome.


ManWinWin Software has also launched a video to promote the benefits of maintenance software, you can watch it here: