Maintenance Management System Technical Documentation

The links below point to articles and technical material about our ManWinWin’s maintenance management system that are available for consultation or direct download. Our goal is to publish to the world the know-how we have acquired and developed over several years in this business.

Brief introduction to FMEA methodology

The main reference document for conducting an FMEA analysis in any organization is IEC 60812:2018, which considers FMEA as a technique for analysing the reliability of a system…

Hugo Cardoso – Outubro, 2022

Brief approach to physical asset management

In virtue of the importance that key assets have for the ability of organisations to generate and maintain their value, physical asset management is one of the most relevant topics for companies…

David Barros – June 2022

Benefits of applying voice recognition to maintenance management

More and more companies are seeking strategies to reduce complexity in industrial processes, and increase efficiency and quality in the achievement of their goals…

Joana Guedes – April 2022

The importance of maintenance in organizational strategies

Based on some of the potential benefits, some of the reasons why the maintenance function should be seen as strategic by organizations have been pointed out. Undoubtedly, there will be others…

Hugo Madeira Cardoso e João Nunes Marques – January 2022

Condition-Based Maintenance Benefits for the Maintenance Function

We can define Condition-Based Maintenance as a type of preventive maintenance that includes: the evaluation of the physical conditions of the assets, their analysis, and the resulting maintenance actions.

Rafael Santos – December 2021

Brief approach to the applicability of Augmented Reality to the maintenance function

In an increasingly digital world, where access to information or the most varied services is quickly guaranteed through a device with an internet connection, we notice a greater need to obtain answers in almost real-time…

Miguel Barroso – August 2021

Risk based maintenance (RBM) – an impartial tool for smart decisions

Risk-based maintenance allows to organize the equipment hierarchically according to its risk of failure, which is determined for each equipment and results from the product of two indices, the failure occurrence and the severity…

João Santos – July 2021

Why does a CMMS matters?

A CMMS keeps the information and data of a company’s maintenance operations active and up-to-date. This activity not only allows maintenance to be anticipated but, over time, it creates a complete history that enables traceability and well-justified decisions…

Alexandre Carvalho – Julho 2021

Older Technical documentation

After all, how does our current reality connect with maintenance?

Alexandre Veríssimo – October 2020

We are probably going through one of, if not the most, critical and challenging phases of the past four decades. I have no memory…

Post-implementation benefits of a CMMS - case study

João Nuno Marques | André Santos – July 2020

The following opinion is often shared among many organizations: «When everything is running smoothly, nobody notices or remembers maintenance, however when it isn’t present at all, everyone is unanimous in agreeing that it should exist»

Benefits of Maintenance Management Software. Reflecting on a Study of the Portuguese Market

João Marques | João Folgosa – July 2019

An article that studied the different benefits of CMMS revealed that most companies obtained the benefits that were suggested in a questionnaire supplied to companies operating in the Portuguese market.

Maintenance, a cost-reducing investment

Gil Santos – October 2018

This article by Eng. Gil Santos discusses the investment in maintenance, presenting the Iceberg Model “Total Costs of Maintenance” as a reflection on the consequences of the unrealistic measurement of daily productive activity for organizations.

Microsoft Excel Vs CMMS

Alexandre Veríssimo – May 2018

The main purpose of the present article is to perform a functional comparison between maintenance management relying on Microsoft Excel® and a CMMS-based system [CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management System].

The role of the maintenance management Consultant

João Marques – January 2018
This article aims to reflect on the role of the Maintenance Management consultant. It presents the main areas he gets involved in and seeks to provide a model for his state-of-the-art core competencies, thus providing an overview of the specialist consultant profile in this area.

Why companies decide to implement a CMMS

João Marques / Hugo Cardoso – August 2017
This article has the goal of presenting and analysing the main factors that lead companies from different sectors – industrial, maritime sector, fleet management – and of different dimensions to adopt a CMMS.

Importing data in CMMS implementation projects

This technical article examines a CMMS data importation from a database, an Excel file, a CSV file, or other type of file, to a CMMS.

CMMS: Integrated or Stand Alone?

This article analysis some relevant aspects for choosing a maintenance management software.

Maintenance Costs

Technical article comparing the perspective of financial management with maintenance management in the approach to maintenance costs.

Simple approach to failure modes using a maintenance organization and management software

This approach allows the maintenance manager to hierarchize in a simple way the possible failures for each type of equipment and its components in the organization, to list the possible causes for each failure mode and to set the possible corrective actions.

How to create a Maintenance Plan

A technical article with practical suggestions and description of best practices when creating a maintenance plan for any asset. An article written by Mr. André Pina Almeida, CMMS Implementation Technician at ManWinWin Software.

White paper - Climamed, Lisbon 2009

This article reviews some key maintenance concepts and methodologies that have been standardized by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

Maintenance Management supported in a CMMS

Technical article with useful recommendations for choosing a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and describing a set of practical steps that should be followed in any CMMS implementation.

The importance of training in maintenance management

Alexandre Veríssimo – October 2020

Training = investment? Yes or No?
I will begin this article with a provocative notion, or a call for reflection. According to Wikipedia, investment is “the application of capital with the expectation of a future benefit.” Will investing in training have future benefits?

The importance of maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alexandre Veríssimo – May 2020

How can we talk about cleaning, sanitizing, preventive actions, personal safety, improvements, and any other anti-COVID-19 measures impacting the safety of equipment and people – and not mention maintenance? It’s like playing a card game without any aces. It’s possible, but it’s just not the same.

ManWinWin Software launches article on standardized maintenance definitions (in Portuguese)

João Marques – January 2019

Our understanding of a concept is sometimes determined by how it is presented to us. Based on this premise and knowing the daily reality of the maintenance area, Eng. João Nunes Marques, Consultant at ManWinWin Software, launched the article entitled “Brief approach to the relevance of standard definitions for maintenance types and strategies.”

Auditing the Maintenance Function: The starting point for an adequate management

Hugo Cardoso – September 2018

The article from Eng. Hugo Cardoso demonstrates on the basis of a number of audits carried out to a universe of about 30 organizations in the widest range of activities, the parameters assessed in the audits to the maintenance function conducted by Navaltik Management while simultaneously performing an analysis of the obtained results.

The importance of the physical identification of maintenance equipment/assets with tags

José Casimiro Fernandes – April 2018
The physical tagging of equipment is essential to the identification of maintenance equipment. The existence of a physical identification on equipment, or “tag” as it is commonly called, resorting to the use of the new tag systems available on the market, facilitates the performance of a number of tasks involved in the development of the maintenance management procedure…

Mobility in Maintenance, a reality that requires maturity in the management processes.

Technical Team – September 2017
In this article, we will analyse what is expected from a CMMS to make it the necessary tool to advance into mobility in maintenance, analyse the process for the implementation of this mobility and go through the advantages of all this…

Check our CMMS implementation case-study in a University Campus

Claudia Corniciuc e Alexandre Veríssimo – Março de 2017
The case-study reflects on the primary concerns when implementing a CMMS – questions such as “Maintenance Management and Organization – Why?” or “Implementing a CMMS – Step by Step”…

Basic Concepts of Maintenance

An article explaining some basic concepts of maintenance, including a definition of maintenance and a description of the different maintenance activities.

Maintenance KPIs

This article includes a few of the most commonly used KPIs in maintenance management, with the formulations perfectly defined, as well as the intervening factors.

Technical article on solutions for effective maintenance warehouse management: ERP or CMMS?

Technical article about one of the most crucial decisions on maintenance management organization:  “Is it more effective to manage maintenance warehouse through ERP or CMMS?”

The importance of Maintenance Management in tough economic times

A technical article about the importance of maintenance management in tough economic times. Written by Ms. Patrícia Correia, CMMS implementation technician at ManWinWin Software.

Implementation of a maintenance system for buildings

“Maintenance management for energy rationalization in modern buildings”, Powerpoint presentation at CLIMAMED 2009