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Frequently Asked Questions

01 - How can I locate my EXPRESS or START database?

EXPRESS and START database is an Access database and it’s the .mdb file located in the folder

“…\Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\Database”

02 - How can I backup my database?

To ensure you don’t lose your data if your computer encounters any problem, make a periodic copy(one a week for example, or as often as you wish) of the .mdb file located in the folder

“…\Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\Database”

Store this copy in a safe place, it can be on a physical storage device or a personal cloud storage area (for example Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, etc.)

03 - How can I change the language of ManWinWin’s interface?

Click on the User icon, followed by the “Preferências” option, select your chosen language and click OK.

04 - I am unable to print reports. This message appears: “Attention: Could not locate file report”. What should I do?

The alert message refers to the lack of access to the .rpt files that ManWinWin needs to preview/print a report.

During the ManWinWin Express installation, a folder called “ManWinWin Express” is created. This folder can be accessed via this desktop pathway: ““...\My Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\

In this “ManWinWin Express” folder, there is another folder called “Reports”. In the “Preferences” window, under “File Location – Printing Reports”, you should click the ‘paperclip’ icon and follow the pathway indicated above, until you find the folder called “Reports”. Click once on that folder “Reports” and click OK to close the window. You should have the following:

05 - How can I access the ManWinWin App?

The ManWinWin App is only available for clients that use the professional version of ManWinWin, not for ManWinWin Express users.

06 - What operating systems are compatible with ManWinWin?

ManWinWin is a Windows-based application, we do not have a setup for Linux, iOS, etc.

07 - What should I do when ManWinWin EXPRESS or START cannot establish the connection to the database?

Typically this situation happens because the installation was done with an Administrator account.

When the software is installed, a “ManWinWin Express” folder is created along the following path: “My Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\

You can copy that folder (on the Administrator account) to your own account.

After that you can click on the “paperclip” button, select the “ManWinWin.mdb” file (database file) found here: “My Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\Database” and click on “Open”:

08 - How can I obtain my ManWinWin Express free license?

We will issue a free lifetime ManWinWin Express license after you fill in the following online form:

09 - All the items that I had registered on ManWinWin have now disappeared from the system. What should I do?

Check if you are on the “Plant mode” view. By default, all the items registered in ManWinWin are in “Plant mode” view.

10 - I've inactivated an Item and it no longer appears in the Item list. How can I put the Item active again?

You should filter the “Inactive Items”, open the datasheet of the Item that you want to put active again and deselect the “Inactive” option:

11 - I changed my PC, what do I do now?

After installing ManWinWin on the new computer, you should replace the database with the one containing your information. To do this, copy the most recent backup you have and replace it in the folder

“…\Documents\ManWinWin Software\ManWinWin Express\Database”.

After performing the previous step, already inside ManWinWin, access the option Database in the personal area and click on “Open”.

12 - I can’t find the closed Work Orders

You can find any WO by using the Work Orders filter and, under the Management tab, select the status and, optionally, the time period, for which you are looking for.

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