When I arrive at the Reception of a company I am visiting for the first time and they ask for my name and company name, my answer is of course: “Rodrigo Cabral, from ManWinWin Software”. There reply, recurrently, is one of the following (sometimes more than one):



“Man what?”





“Man Oui Oui?”



I have this dialogue quite regularly, it has already become a jokeful moment when I come to the Reception of companies that I visit. “It’s Man, like HuMan; then it’s Win – like winning, then win again”

And they reply back: “Oh ok (smiling), like WinWin situation, right?”

Marketing gurus have a splendorous name to describe this ‘confusion’ that surrounds a name/brand/event/whatever: BUZZ. The name ManWinWin generates buzz. And so I finally decided to go looking for the origin and the true meaning of this name that generates that buzz.

After all … what does the word ManWinWin mean? Who invented this name and when? And why?

So I carried out a very interesting investigation – more of an interview! The result? A real exercise of self-examination, of looking into ourselves, our company, our people, looking at our core values, our DNA. And it was a powerful moment, as I realized with satisfaction that, today, we are still keeping our promise – ManWinWin’s promise – since 2002, when the name was created.

By Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, Managing Director at ManWinWin Software

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