Based on some of the potential benefits, some of the reasons why the maintenance function should be seen as strategic by organizations have been pointed out. Undoubtedly, there will be others.

The maintenance function, through actions related to both management and technical aspects, acts in a decisive way in the performance of the organisations. This is the consensus shared by the several agents of the sector. Almost ad nauseam, the message of the justified importance of this area for companies is repeatedly conveyed, however, until relatively recently, without an overall adherence to reality.

In fact, as this vision was not seen with the necessary priority by organisations, it did not gain substance, but rather was assumed as a nice-to-have, defended and liked, but for which little or nothing was done. However, breaking a very deep-rooted model, for some time now this discouraging scenario has started to show signs of transformation, and today we are witnessing a different positioning by several companies. It is hoped that, in some way, it will produce a systemic effect.

Hugo Madeira Cardoso e João Nunes Marques, Navaltik Management, Lda.

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