In February 2019, in the awakening of what had been until that date the best year ever for Navaltik, and after a few well-deserved days of rest and celebration together with all our employees in Ilha do Sal in Cape Verde, we released a video, whose goal was to present in about 2 minutes what defines us, telling the fantastic journey started by 2 naval engineers in the 80s – which is now in the hands of a new generation, but always with the same values ​​and mission, as a company – and the video ends with the iconic phrase “…We are just getting started”.

The video shows that CMMS ManWinWin is installed in hundreds of customers with thousands of users, that we are 17 employees, we have with a presence in 75 countries and a network of 16 strategic partners. It is worth watching again!

However, in early 2020 and completely unexpectedly, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a direct impact on everyone’s lives, and in economies and health systems on a global scale. Companies were hit hard with periods of lockdown and the consequent reduction in consumption and Navaltik was no exception. It was the time to “roll up our sleeves” and in what could be considered an Olympic-record time, ManWinWin reacted to the new reality while the whole world was forced to stop due to COVID-19: during this period, we launched 6 new products on the global market – including fully online implementation solutions, product platform and online training, as well as new versions of Desktop and WEB.

Looking back now, just over 2 years after the release of the video, a lot has changed. We are now 20 employees, we have a few hundred new customers, we have more than 20 partners around the world and, perhaps even more relevant, we are present in 115 countries.

Navaltik completes 40 years of existence at the end of this year of 2021 and never in any other time in the company’s life we are as certain as we are today that…WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

José Fernandes – Managing Partner ([email protected])

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