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What makes ManWinWin Software the right choice for maintenance management

ManWinWin is recognized as one of the oldest maintenance software in the world, with a history of development and innovation spanning more than 30 years. Over that time, ManWinWin has established itself as a reliable and robust solution for maintenance management in a variety of sectors and industries.

With a global presence, ManWinWin boasts customers in more than 120 countries, spanning all continents.

This international reach highlights the trust and credibility that the software has earned around the world, meeting the diverse needs of maintenance management in different cultural, geographical and industrial contexts.

O que faz do ManWinWin Software a escolha certa para gestão de manutenção


With a global presence, ManWinWin is proud to have customers in more than 120 countries, spanning all continents. This international reach highlights the trust and credibility that the software has earned around the world, meeting the diverse needs of maintenance management in different cultural, geographical and industrial contexts.

In addition, ManWinWin has established strategic partnerships with companies around the world, which contributes to the continuous expansion of its presence and enhancement of its service offering. These partnerships allow for close collaboration with local experts, ensuring that ManWinWin can offer personalized support and assistance to its customers in different regions.

With a rich history of development and a global reach, ManWinWin continues to be a trusted choice for companies looking for an effective and proven solution for managing their maintenance operations. Its longevity and global presence are testament to its adaptability and excellence in meeting the dynamic needs of the maintenance management market.

The world’s most experienced CMMS company. We have been developing maintenance solutions for over 30 years.

As the world’s most experienced CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) company, ManWinWin has a legacy of more than 30 years of development and innovation in the field of maintenance solutions. Since its inception, ManWinWin has pioneered the development of advanced technologies to facilitate the efficient and effective management of maintenance in a variety of sectors and industries.

Over the decades, ManWinWin has accumulated a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved in maintenance management, enabling it to develop standard solutions to meet the specific needs of customers around the world. This unparalleled experience positions ManWinWin as an undisputed leader in the CMMS market, with a globally recognized reputation for excellence and reliability.

Through an ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, ManWinWin continues to evolve its solutions to stay ahead of emerging trends and meet the ever-changing demands of the maintenance market. Its long history of success and leadership is a testament to its ability to deliver world-class solutions that drive operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize equipment uptime.

With more than three decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, ManWinWin continues to be the preferred choice of companies around the world looking for a reliable and proven solution to their maintenance management needs.

ManWinWin Software is the result of 40+ years of experience and know-how

With thousands of users in 120+ countries in the World. Created by Portuguese Engineers has been improved with  implementations, and listening to thousands of clients worldwide using the system, their day-to-day struggles, their needs and wants.

We have helped companies around the world to improve their maintenance


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Hybrid solution with desktop interface, web and a complete APP.

The hybrid solution offered by ManWinWin represents an innovative and flexible approach to maintenance management, combining the best of both worlds: the convenience and accessibility of cloud computing with the security and control of an on-premise infrastructure.

With desktop access, users enjoy intuitive navigation and quick access to essential features. The web interface provides additional flexibility, allowing access and management of maintenance data from any internet-enabled device, ideal for mobile teams. The complete mobile APP optimizes the experience on mobile devices, allowing technicians to carry out tasks efficiently in the field, with features such as offline access and real-time updates

In addition, the SaaS (Software as a Service) model offers a flexible implementation option, allowing companies to choose between managing their maintenance locally or opting for a cloud-based solution, according to their preferences and specific requirements.

Totally free Express version with all the features you need to manage maintenance.

The totally free Express version of ManWinWin is an exceptional offer that gives you access to all the features you need to manage the maintenance of up to 100 pieces of equipment. This offer allows companies of all sizes and sectors to enjoy the benefits of world-class CMMS software at no cost.

With the Express version, customers have access to a comprehensive range of essential features for effective maintenance management.

What’s more, as the Express version is free forever, companies can rely on this long-term maintenance management solution without worrying about additional costs.

This offer represents ManWinWin’s commitment to providing an affordable, high-quality solution for companies of any size, enabling them to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance operations, regardless of their financial resources.

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Maximize efficiency and streamline your maintenance processes with ManWinWin Software, the most experienced maintenance management software provider. Our advanced solutions, backed by years of expertise, optimize workflows and drive operational excellence.

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Creating your own indicators with a sophisticated calculator and automation to send advanced reports by email.

ManWinWin offers users the ability to create their own customized indicators, using a sophisticated calculator that can be based on automatic maintenance parameters or manually entered data.

This flexibility allows companies to define and monitor specific indicators that are most relevant to their operations and strategic objectives. What’s more, these indicators can be updated in real time, ensuring that managers have immediate access to the latest information on maintenance performance.

In addition, ManWinWin offers automation for sending advanced maintenance reports by e-mail. This means that users can configure the system to automatically generate and send detailed reports on maintenance performance, costs, equipment uptime and other key indicators to the relevant stakeholders.

This functionality saves time and effort, ensuring that reports are delivered in a consistent and timely manner, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

These advanced indicator creation and report automation features highlight ManWinWin’s ability to provide users with valuable insights into maintenance performance and help them make more effective, data-driven decisions. This combination of advanced functionalities contributes to the optimization of maintenance operations, maximizing efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.

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Real-time, personalized support with the incorporation of developments suggested by our clients.

ManWinWin offers real-time, personalized support to its customers, ensuring that their needs are met quickly and efficiently. The support team is available to answer questions, solve problems and provide guidance whenever necessary, ensuring a positive experience for users of the software.

In addition, ManWinWin values customer feedback and is committed to incorporating developments suggested by customers. This means that customer suggestions are actively considered in the software development process, ensuring that updates and improvements reflect market needs and requirements.

This collaborative, customer-oriented approach allows ManWinWin to continue to evolve and improve its maintenance management solutions, ensuring that they remain in line with the ever-changing demands of the market and offer maximum value to its customers.

ManWinWin is supplied ready to use with all the necessary features to adapt to any type of equipment park.

ManWinWin is supplied ready to use, which means that you don’t need endless meetings with consultants to set up the system. The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use from the outset, allowing users to start managing their maintenance operations immediately, without the need for extensive implementation processes.

In addition, ManWinWin is highly configurable and flexible, offering all the features needed to adapt to any type of equipment fleet. This means that companies can customize the software according to their specific needs, without compromising the system’s ease of use or effectiveness.

With an intuitive interface, comprehensive features and adaptability, ManWinWin offers a powerful and affordable solution for maintenance management, allowing companies to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations without the need for extensive investments in consultancy or implementation.

ManWinWin’s implementation is carried out by experienced engineers, is fast and results appear immediately.

ManWinWin’s implementation is known for being fast and efficient, with tangible and immediate results after the initial configuration of the system. With a team of highly experienced implementation consultants, made up of engineers with hundreds of projects completed around the world, ManWinWin ensures that companies can start enjoying the benefits of the software as quickly as possible.

ManWinWin’s implementation consultants are experts in the software and have in-depth knowledge of maintenance management best practices. They work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and ensure that ManWinWin is configured according to their preferences and operational requirements.

In addition, the consultants provide comprehensive training for ManWinWin users, ensuring that they are fully prepared to use all the system’s features effectively. This allows for a smooth transition to the new software and helps maximize the return on investment right from the start.

With rapid implementation, expert advice and immediate results, ManWinWin offers a complete and effective solution for maintenance management, enabling companies to optimize their operations and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

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The implementation consultancy is the component that turns a good software into a good solution.

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Advanced features for a fraction of the investment compared to other enterprise solutions.

The advanced features offered by ManWinWin rival those found in enterprise-class solutions, but at a significantly more affordable cost. While ManWinWin is known for its broad enterprise management capabilities, it offers a specialized, focused approach to maintenance management. This means that our customers can access advanced functionalities without incurring the high costs associated with enterprise solutions.

One of the main advantages of ManWinWin is its ability to adapt to a variety of sectors and types of maintenance operations, without the need for expensive and time-consuming customizations. Unlike other solutions, which often require extensive configuration and customization to meet a company’s specific needs, ManWinWin is designed to be flexible and easy to use from day one, allowing for rapid implementation and return on investment.

ManWinWin offers ongoing, personalized support to its users, ensuring that they can make the most of all the software’s features. With a team of specialists dedicated to technical assistance and training, ManWinWin ensures that its customers can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance operations without compromising their budgets. This combination of advanced features, adaptability and personalized support makes ManWinWin an attractive choice for companies looking for a high-performance maintenance management solution at an affordable cost.

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