ManWinWin Software has launched another technical article, by Engr. João Nunes Marques and Engr. Hugo Cardoso, both CMMS Implementation Consultants at ManWinWin Software. The article is entitled “Why companies decide to implement a CMMS – a research carried out by ManWinWin Software”

This article has the goal of presenting and analysing the main factors that lead companies from different sectors – industrial, maritime sector, fleet management – and of different dimensions to adopt a CMMS.

We want, with this, to show a pattern regarding the main points that make companies decide to implement a CMMS, as well as think about the potential areas that can be improved with the implementation of Maintenance Management Software. With this goal in mind, we have presented in this article the result of 25 maintenance management audits carried out by Navaltik Management, a Maintenance Management Consultancy company with over 35 years of experience.

We expect therefore, to present a clear list of reasons that lead to a company’s decision of adopting a CMMS, that will contribute towards a market portrait of this realm