A CMMS keeps the information and data of a company’s maintenance operations active and up-to-date. This activity not only allows maintenance to be anticipated but, over time, it creates a complete history that enables traceability and well-justified decisions. But we don’t stop here…

The numbers that reflect the opinion of ManWinWin Software users are staggering. Over 80% of our customers claim that they have reduced their overall maintenance costs, including inventory costs, improved control over maintenance, they also claim that, with the software, they are able to comply with legal requirements and technical certifications applicable to their businesses, increase employee productivity, and perhaps one of most important points made, 83% confirm a significant increase in the continuous availability of their equipment. This short document allows you to know how to optimize maintenance management with a CMMS and what questions you should be prepared to answer before implementing it. Use this cheat sheet and talk to us!



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