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Why ManWinWin DNA is such a competitive advantage in the maintenance management landscape?

In the article, our GM draws on his 15-year experience at ManWinWin Software engaging with companies worldwide and gaining invaluable insights into maintenance management challenges and aspirations. His expertise spans sales, communications, leadership, team management, individual performance & upskilling. This extensive knowledge is encapsulated in the ManWinWin DNA philosophy, which represents a wealth of experience, technical credibility, and authority within the maintenance management software industry.

Rodrigo Seruya Cabral reflects on the rapid technological advancements reshaping maintenance management and emphasizes the significance of employee expertise in harnessing the potential of these innovations. “Bridging the gap between technology and employee skills will be crucial for companies to thrive in the maintenance management landscape”, as he emphasizes. While technology accelerates processes, it is the people who drive the transformation. Therefore, investing in user-friendly technology solutions and prioritizing comprehensive training and team involvement are essential for successful adoption.

ManWinWin Software looks forward to the future of maintenance management software, and celebrates 15 years of tenure of its General Manager, while reaffirming its commitment to supporting companies in their maintenance management digital transformations.

With over 15 years at ManWinWin Software, I have engaged with numerous companies worldwide and countless conversations with thousands of individuals, delving into their maintenance management challenges and understanding their needs and aspirations. Through these encounters, and as I devoted myself to study and apply the science of sales and communications skills to my job, I have gained valuable insights into this industry and how it works.

As I assumed the role of General Manager at ManWinWin, I expanded my expertise to include leadership, team management, individual performance, upskilling, and personal well-being. Additionally, I have kept pace with the rapidly evolving technological advancements that have the potential to reshape humanity.

While I have no intention of boasting or self-promoting, it is important to note that everything I have mentioned is encapsulated in the ManWinWin DNA, a philosophy embraced by the team at ManWinWin Software. This DNA represents a wealth of experience, technical credibility, and authority in maintenance management software that underpins the knowledge and insights I am about to share.

Let’s start by describing what is, in fact, our philosophy, ie our ManWinWin DNA:

  • To Know things, never stop learning, embrace ignorance and curiosity; know your shit;
  • To Do good, valuable work, in everything we ever do, and never settle for less than that;
  • To Prioritize well, which means to always put the team and their personal lives first;
  • To Transform well, ie to enable transformative, life-changing achievements to everyone working in this company, and get them to feel proud about them

I’ll now share a few reflections on what I have experienced in these last 15 years, and how that has helped shape my own opinion on what I believe will come in the next years for the maintenance management software industry. My 15-year tenure has granted me valuable insights into the industry, a deep understanding of patterns, trends, what works and what doesn’t work in CMMS implementations. Spoiler alert, state-of-the-art technology alone is not the formula for success.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is really exciting to see technology progressing at this unprecedented pace. With advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Automation/Robotics and Data Analytics, maintenance management has been undergoing a significant transformation. These innovations offer immense potential for organizations to optimize their maintenance processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. The major challenge, however, lies in ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage these technologies effectively.

In my opinion, the greatest challenge that companies will face in the next 10 years is not being able to benefit from technology because of the lack of expertise of their employees. A few weeks ago, the “OTRS Spotlight: IT Service Management 2023” study published a staggering statistic: “45 percent of U.S. companies that have invested in business process automation lack the necessary expertise to use the tools effectively”. I then copied into ChatGPT the long text with all the findings of this study, and asked it to summarize the entire text in one sentence; it wrote “Lack of expertise is holding back technology adoption”.

Now then, before I move on to the punchline of this article, let me remind you that I am a firm believer that technology can tremendously accelerate any business, so long as it is done in the right way. And, in my book, starting with your team is the right way.

As new technologies emerge and evolve, companies must invest in continuous training and development programs to keep their teams up to date. Bridging the gap between technological advancements and employee skills will be crucial for companies to remain competitive in the maintenance management landscape. In any landscape, for that matter!

Technology alone does nothing for you, it is the people that do. Technology is an accelerator, a catalyst of existing processes and systems, an amplifier that enables greater efficiency and productivity in existing practices. It is the people that will learn and use the software consistently that will drive this transformation, not the tech stack by itself.

So, it’s essential for companies to invest not only in user-friendly and intuitive technology solutions, but also prioritize the training and the involvement of the team that is a part of the project. With a maintenance management software (or CMMS) that is easy to use and understand, companies can mitigate the learning curve associated with adopting new technology, of course. But the learning curve must include training and involving your team. Only intuitive interfaces and comprehensive user training, constant support, and accountability, only all of this together will enable employees with different levels of tech savviness, and different motivations, to embrace and utilize these tools effectively.

Again, so we’re clear: choosing an easy-to-use software will promote user adoption. Choosing a company to work with you with people that you feel fit with the people in your company and with your way of working, that’s also really important. After choosing the software, your focus should be in getting your teams to learn how to use it, to understand its purpose within the company, and to create a culture of discipline that drives them to use the software every day.

If I have something to take away from these 15 years at ManWinWin, this is it: this technology business we’re in is all about people. That is the punchline.

I look forward to what lies ahead and raise a glass to (and with) my team for these 15 wonderful years.

Buckle up: we’re just getting started.

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