Why ManWinWin Software

Why ManWinWin software?

ManWinWin’s success is based on three pillars: experience, innovation and the human element. These are the pillars on which we have based our 40-year history and on which we continue to help organizations achieve their maintenance goals.


Experience: A deep understanding of customer needs

Over the course of 40 years, we have carried out hundreds of implementations of our CMMS, ManWinWin, in different companies from a wide variety of sectors. This allows us to understand the market in depth and respond to each company’s needs and challenges.

We are not just a software supplier. We are a partner who collaborates with our clients to define strategies that allow them to unlock the full potential of their operations.

We talk to our customers to understand their needs, fears, and desires. We analyze historical data on maintenance plans to identify patterns and trends and offer expert advice to help them achieve maximum efficiency in their operations.


Innovation: Keeping up with new technologies

We keep up with technological advances and integrate new technologies into our software to improve the user experience.

ManWinWin uses artificial intelligence to create maintenance forecasts that help reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of operations. Forecasts are based on historical data, such as maintenance history, asset condition and usage patterns.

We also use augmented reality, such as QR codes and NFC codes, to help technicians in the field. Augmented reality allows technicians to consult all kinds of information about the assets they are working on. This helps to reduce the risk of errors and improve efficiency.


People: The basis of a successful implementation

While technology is important, our experience shows us that the key to a successful implementation is the human element. Skills, responsibility, and ongoing training are fundamental to making full use of our CMMS.

Our consultants and partners accompany you during and after the CMMS implementation process, with the aim of overcoming the different challenges that arise during the process and ensuring the best solutions for each organization we work with.

With our support, your employees will have the necessary skills to use the CMMS effectively. They will also be motivated and responsible for ensuring that the software is used in the best way so that your company can achieve its goals.

We are committed to creating a lasting “Win-Win” partnership in which your success is our success.


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