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World’s Largest Wind Tower Producer Chooses ManWinWin

Korean company CS Wind, the world’s leading wind tower producer, has chosen maintenance software (CMMS) ManWinWin to manage the maintenance of its industrial facilities in Portugal, where it has already invested close to 200 million euros to triple its production capacity, and therefore increase revenue to 400 million euros by 2025.

ManWinWin Software is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its maintenance management software, also known as CMMS, at CS Wind Group. The Korean company, a global leader in wind tower production, acquired ASM Industries Group in 2021 and now uses ManWinWin to manage its maintenance operations in Portugal.

During the implementation, maintenance managers received support and intensive training to input all the necessary data into the system. They now have full control over interventions and efficiently record both internal and external maintenance activities. In addition, maintenance technicians are satisfied with the mobility tools provided by ManWinWin, allowing them to use mobile phones and tablets for real-time reporting and direct work on equipment through QR code scanning.

Maintenance requesters from Production are also pleased with the ease of submitting maintenance requests to the team and the possibility of using QR codes to simplify the process. The simplified form has made the process more efficient.

ManWinWin is proud to offer CS Wind Group a robust and user-friendly solution, enabling the company to enhance the efficiency of maintenance management at its industrial facilities in Portugal. CS Wind quit their previous CMMS solution due to a poor customer support, an area where ManWinWin Software offers a recognized competitive advantage. Through the use of ManWinWin software, CS Wind can ensure a significant increase in productivity, cost reduction, and greater control over maintenance interventions.

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