BAFCO – The Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company – responsible for all refuelling operations at the Bahrain International Airport, chose ManWinWin Software to manage all its maintenance needs.

In a sector as complex as aviation, whose main priority is safety and quality control, an efficient equipment maintenance is crucial. Bearing this concern in mind and to solve current challenges, BAFCO acquired ManWinWin Software to implement a support maintenance system, in order to manage all maintenance requests – preventive and corrective – in a fast, centralized and efficient manner.

The project was held in Bahrain’s International Airport in Arad with the orientation of two ManWinWin consultants in loco, responsible for implementing the software and training the company’s staff.

According to the Head of Engineering and Maintenance at BAFCO:

“an organization operation journey to excellence begins once it implements an efficient CMMS software. ManWinWin provided comprehensive support for our assets, maintenance, resource and parts supply chain management needs. ManWinWin is a very powerful tool for data analysis and for producing more cost effective maintenance plans.”

BAFCO is ManWinWin’s first project in Bahrain, enlarging an expanding list of satisfied clients all over the Middle East, including reference companies such as Danone in Egypt, ELNITCO and Union Copper Rod in United Arab Emirates and General Electric in Saudi Arabia.