ManWinWin Smart Tag

Allows you to perform maintenance tasks directly on assets by scanning QR Codes or just approach your phone to a NFC Labels.

Total mobility in maintenance management


ManWinWin Smart Tag is a web application that allows you to perform maintenance tasks directly on assets recorded in CMMS ManWinWin, via scanning QR Codes or NFC Labels.


Any user with proper access can use a smartphone or a tablet to scan the label, which automatically opens the Asset’s datasheet, its main technical features, a photo and work options for Clients and Maintenance Technicians.


This is a very useful feature … not only does it make the entire maintenance management process much easier, it will guarantee that the technician has, in fact, been at the equipment and, importantly, everything works digitally, completely paperless.

For technicians

Record breakdowns or non-systematic preventive maintenance with details of the resources used. The work registered here can be in the programmed, open or finished state.

Access the list of work that needs to be carried out in this equipment, actually carry out the work and record all the resources used: man-hours, materials or third-party services

For clients

Select Maintenance Requests and report problems with the Asset. Just describe the malfunction and record the request.

View all work that is Scheduled, In Progress or in the Asset Maintenance History.

Allows to monitor, in real time, the performance of scheduled maintenance.

QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags offer seamless communication with compatible devices, revolutionizing the way maintenance tasks are conducted. Serving as digital bridges, these technologies connect maintenance personnel with crucial equipment information, facilitating swift identification, access to manuals or schematics, logging maintenance activities, and even initiating repair orders.

Qr Code and NFC tag for maintenance

Get to know in detail some of the main ManWinWin components

A set of features that work seamlessly to cover all maintenance management needs

Desktop features

Complete and powerful CMMS software maintenance desktop solution for maintenance management in all its aspects. It can be used local or as remote application.

ManWinWin features

APP Android & IOS

Total mobility in maintenance management. Do your work wherever you are, even without internet, because everything works offline too.

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ManWinWin Web Responsive

A set of applications with a dynamic and responsive interface that ensures a good user experience from any mobile device with an Internet connection

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Smart Maintenance

Meet Winston, a smart assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

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QR Codes and NFC tags for Maintenance Management

QR codes and NFC tags streamline the logging of maintenance activities, allowing for real-time tracking of repairs, inspections, and preventive maintenance tasks. Their intuitive interface and compatibility with smartphones and tablets make them indispensable assets in the quest for enhanced productivity and operational excellence in maintenance manageme

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