ManWinWin WEB

ManWinWin WEB is a set of applications that facilitates access for managers, technicians, customers or suppliers. Go paperless with responsive interface.

ManWinWin WEB overview (pdf)

Total mobility in maintenance management


Integrated maintenance management without paper. ManWinWin WEB has a dynamic interface that ensures a good user experience from any mobile device with an Internet connection.


Relevant real-time maintenance information. ManWinWin WEB is a set of applications that facilitates access for managers, technicians, customers or suppliers to relevant maintenance information.


Ensures greater involvement of all stakeholders in maintenance. The access profiles are dynamic and changeable.

ManWinWin WEB Main Features

Equipment’s List

Possibility to view all objects for which you have access level (cost center or customer) with information on technical data, Work carried out, ongoing and planned.


Relevant data in real time

Work Orders List

The user can view all of their work and, according to the rights defined for each profile, mark the work as executed or approved, make the report or finish the Work Order.

Corrective Work Orders

Technicians must register corrective work orders as soon as they finish a job. The simplified interface allows, from any computer or mobile device, to register work orders and record the time spent on them.

Man-hour, Materials and Services registration

Possibility to register labor, materials – direct purchase or warehouse – and services for any Work Order.

Warehouse Outputs

Warehouse outputs can be done by the warehouse supervisor (if there is one) or by any technician entitled to sign off stock. The interface is simple, with few mandatory fields and if used from a computer with a reader, is equipped to scan barcodes.

Maintenance Requests with SLA level

Operators usually make maintenance requests in real-time. The interface to register an application for maintenance has few mandatory fields and helps with the filling in of requests based on the data provided.

ManWinWin WEB tutorials

Three videos that let you know all the features of ManWinWin WEB. Use the button in the lower right corner of each video for full screen or open directly on youtube for a better view.

Basic Configuration, Start Menu & Items

Requests & Works

Materials & Records

Practical Example

This example describes the typical case of a service provider using ManWinWin WEB to manage the entire flow of information without having to use paper.

1 - A customer registers a request for repair
  • Inserts their details
  • Describes the problem
  • Identifies, if necessary, which equipment
2 - The manager, via BackOffice is notified by email and manages requests
  • Reviews and approves or rejects the customer’s request
  • Exchange messages within the application itself
  • Opens a new Job Order and assigns it to the responsible technician
3 - The responsible technician is notified by email and
  • Checks the ongoing Job Orders he has been assigned
  • Creates a report for labour, materials or services
  • Marks the Job Order as executed
5 - The Manager is notified of the client’s approval
  • Terminates the Job Order
  • Invoices the work
  • Client receives a final email with a final report of the work
4 - The client is notified by email that their request has been attended to
  • Receiving information on what has been done and what was spent
  • Marks the Job Order as approved
  • Marks the request as seen to and has the option of attributing a satisfaction rating

ManWinWin WEB Overview (pdf)

Pdf document with ManWinWin WEB features and resources

Open PDF here

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