ManWinWin WEB

A modern UI/UX and Augmented Reality features

ManWinWin WEB has all the necessary resources to carry out the daily tasks of the various maintenance team members.

With a modern and responsive interface, it is ideal for use on tablets or desktops dedicated to maintenance operations.

Total mobility in Maintenance Management

ManWinWin Web brings all the resources needed for the daily tasks of your maintenance team, to your desktop or tablet.

Create access profiles adapted to each member of the team and their specific needs, and predefine the access level to allow them to view all – and only – the necessary maintenance information.

Anything from anywhere

Any user with specific, predefined access level can view all equipment, with detailed information on technical data, photos, documents, running records, reading points, applied stock items and maintenance history.

Follow Work Order Status

Users can easily follow the work orders status of all your maintenance activities. Each technician accesses their work and performs it, reporting both time and spare parts used, either stocking out from the warehouse or directly from a purchase made.

Digital Signature

Possibility of configuring two additional statuses while the work order is “In progress”. These states allow the maintenance operator to “Execute” the job and the receiver to “Approve” it, in both cases using a digital signature on the interface.

Start & Stop + AR

Carrying out tasks with the help of Augmented Reality gives technicians easy and direct access to step-by-step instructions for the execution of each task, real images of the equipment and components will help technicians with the tasks to be performed and a start & stop feature to easily record time spent.

Paperless with QRcode & NFC

ManWinWin Smart Tag allows, by reading QR Codes or NFC Tags, the performance of maintenance tasks directly on existing equipment in ManWinWin. Any user with proper access can read the tag, which automatically opens the equipment sheet with some technical data, a photo, and more options.

Streamline communication

Each operator can place and manage their orders from ManWinWin WEB. Maintenance requests to report faults, purchase requests when it is necessary to requisition an item that does not exist and request to the warehouse, for those who want to manage the requests for items needed to carry out the work.

ManWinWin WEB Main Features

Equipment’s List

Possibility to view all objects for which you have access level (cost center or customer) with information on technical data, Work carried out, ongoing and planned.


Relevant data in real time

Work Orders List

The user can view all of their work and, according to the rights defined for each profile, mark the work as executed or approved, make the report or finish the Work Order.

Corrective Work Orders

Technicians must register corrective work orders as soon as they finish a job. The simplified interface allows, from any computer or mobile device, to register work orders and record the time spent on them.

Man-hour, Materials and Services registration

Possibility to register labor, materials – direct purchase or warehouse – and services for any Work Order.

Warehouse Outputs

Warehouse outputs can be done by the warehouse supervisor (if there is one) or by any technician entitled to sign off stock. The interface is simple, with few mandatory fields and if used from a computer with a reader, is equipped to scan barcodes.

Maintenance Requests with SLA level

Operators usually make maintenance requests in real-time. The interface to register an application for maintenance has few mandatory fields and helps with the filling in of requests based on the data provided.

Practical Example

This example describes the typical case of a service provider using ManWinWin WEB to manage the entire flow of information without having to use paper.

1 - A customer registers a request for repair
  • Inserts their details
  • Describes the problem
  • Identifies, if necessary, which equipment
2 - The manager, via BackOffice is notified by email and manages requests
  • Reviews and approves or rejects the customer’s request
  • Exchange messages within the application itself
  • Opens a new Job Order and assigns it to the responsible technician
3 - The responsible technician is notified by email and
  • Checks the ongoing Job Orders he has been assigned
  • Creates a report for labour, materials or services
  • Marks the Job Order as executed
4 - The client is notified by email that their request has been attended to
  • Receiving information on what has been done and what was spent
  • Marks the Job Order as approved
  • Marks the request as seen to and has the option of attributing a satisfaction rating
5 - The Manager is notified of the client’s approval
  • Terminates the Job Order
  • Invoices the work
  • Client receives a final email with a final report of the work

ManWinWin Software is the result of 40+ years of experience and know-how

With thousands of users in 120+ countries in the World. Created by Portuguese Engineers has been improved with  implementations, and listening to thousands of clients worldwide using the system, their day-to-day struggles, their needs and wants.

Get to know in detail some of the main ManWinWin components

A set of features that work seamlessly to cover all maintenance management needs

Desktop features

Complete and powerful CMMS software maintenance desktop solution for maintenance management in all its aspects. It can be used local or as remote application.

ManWinWin features

APP Android & IOS

Total mobility in maintenance management. Do your work wherever you are, even without internet, because everything works offline too.

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ManWinWin Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a web application that allows you to perform maintenance tasks directly on assets recorded in CMMS ManWinWin, via scanning QR Codes or NFC Labels.

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Smart Maintenance

Meet Winston, a smart assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

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